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Eastern European Cut-Outs Vol. 1

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Ever-reliable edit stable The Very Polish Cut Outs have already successfully branched out Soviet and Yugoslavian territories, and now head honcho Zambon casts his net across the whole of Eastern Europe, returning with a brand new EP of off-grid disco, Balearic, electro and funk. All 4 cuts have been re-edited by well-known and long-term label associates such as Old Spice, Beard In Dust (aka Lipelis), Kompleks and Krjuk. Their reworks give brand new life to the original tracks that come from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and the USSR. Czech disco? Check! Serbian Punk funk? Check! Russian electro? Check! Estonian balearic house? Check! This is without a doubt a versatile 4 tracker, that you will spin 4 times at 1 party at different hours of your set. Eastern Europe might not be the future but the edits surely are excellent.


Patrick says: Those Very Polish peeps cast the net across the whole of Eastern Europe on their latest 12", serving us four fully under the radar heaters, retreated for dance floor success. Big new wave disco on the A1, sleazy and slow-jamming e-funk on the A2, punk funk power on your B1 and body popping bizzness to close - all killer, no filler folks!


A1. Kamelie (hana&dana) - Video Disco (Old Spice Edit)
A2. Jaak Joala - Serdcevinka (Beard In Dust Edit)
B1. Bajaga I Instruktori - Dvadeseti Vek (Kompleks Edit)
B2. Mashina Vremeni - Gololed (DJ Krjuk Street Edit)

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