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Arkajo bringing the fire to Aniara again here, exploring soundscapes and percussion in his very own style. Opener "Zenit" slips a stuttering, syncopated (do not call it broken) beat under a delicate mallet melody then wigs out with all manner of celestial pads and squirming sine waves, sending us astral in the breakdown before the beefy rhythm and sub-tickling bass returns in earnest. Next up, "Nadir" twists hand drums and crunchy toms through a sizzling electro beat while big rig bass tones and cavernous reverb roll along underfoot and overhead. Onto the final track and I can feel Matt Ward's vigourous pogo from here! Junglist breaks, womping bass AND a fairground vocal! It's like being a kid again, but with extra psychedelia - Buzzing!


1. Zenit
2. Nadir
3. Untitled (Run Away With Me)

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