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More PRR! PRR! affiliated madness for the rave gremlins and warehouse dwellers. New music by Samuelspaniel with vocals and additional production on "Shoganaï" by Golin who you may or may not associate with DJ Dave Goblin, who incidentally, has designed the sleeve us his real name, David Coquelin. Struggling to keep up? So are we, if we're honest. But what matter here is that these cats are single-handedly creating some of the most maverick and uncompromising dance music in the world right now. Rightly getting hammered across the NTS network by in-the-know DJs, and strangely, even garnering some press from the Guardian newspaper!

The sound? New reinterpretations of rave tropes utilizing classic breakbeats and advanced synthesis to create a mutant form of hardcore breakbeat that looks as much to PC Music, Sophie and Mr Oizo as it does to bassline, Swamp81 and Kode9... sound intriguing, it is. Get your head around this shit as it's destined for repeat plays throughout the next ten years. 2019? Fuck that's soooo last decade.


A1. Stanton
A2. Wipe O
B1. Dew
B2. N-Gage
B3. Shoganaï (feat. Golin)

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