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A truly special reissue of a fantastic and incredibly rare Afro-disco 12” from 1978, Tumblack - 'Caraiba / Invocation'. Originally released on the seminal French disco label Barclay, you'd be hard pressed to even find an original copy in the UK, let alone for a reasonable price, so it's high time an officially licensed, remastered reissue came around.

Taking the A side of this EP Stefano Ritteri provides a “Spaziale Version” of 'Caraiba' that seamlessly blends elements of African, Afrobeat, Funk and Disco styles, with segments that continually morph and evolve into new tracks. Irresistibly funky and percussive drumming patterns and melodies hypnotise the listener, with only the occasional outbreak of African chanting breaking up the grooves.

The B-side contains the original version of “Invocation” that is effectively one long drum track broken down into 7 segments that never drop a beat alongside the original version of 'Caraiba' in all it's glory.

As EP's go, this really does take the listener on a journey to Africa, via 1978 New York, and is a true one of a kind. And for all those sample-spotters out there, there's no end of complex drum patterns and basslines to dive into.


Patrick says: Hot on the heels of a fine reissue of a sought after Arabic disco banger A. Mislayene, Spaziale drop a 12" repress of Tumblack's finest dance floor stompers. If you need a percussion heavy bit of spangled Afro-disco, look no further than the raw power of "Invocation" and especially "Caraiba", which appears in its original form as well as edited by label boss Stefano Ritteri.


A1. Caraiba (Stefano Ritteri Versione Spaziale)
B1. Invocation
B2. Caraiba

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