Low Key


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Sound Improvement

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The long-awaited debut album from Marcin Cichy (Skalpel, Meeting by Chance) and Karol Wroblewski as Low Key.

These are post-electronic soundscapes immersed in modern songwriting with distant echoes of soulful 80's new wave, Peter Gabriel's world music and the inner structure of late Talk Talk.

The first Polish album on the Sound Improvement label – the local home of such acts as Tortoise, Mouse On Mars, The Sea and Cake, Röyksopp, Fever Ray, Toro Y Moi, Múm, Jagga Jazzist, Studio, Amon Tobin and many others.


1. Spark
2. Out Of The Black
3. Paintings
4. Paperman
5. The Blue
6. Volcano
7. Timeless
8. A Perfect Place
9. Quiet
10. Wax
11. So Long

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