E Drive EP

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Analogical Force

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A red hot Analogical Force hits the shelves and I for one am stoked! The elusive Bewwip brings the damage here, hoverboarding his way between AFX acid, electro and breakbeat across five fine ass tracks. Opener "WRGV Compile" pulls off the impressive feat of sounding totally spangled, scattershot, off kilter and still killer with rolling subs, 303 gurgle and adult pads, teaching the amateur braindancers how it's done. Next up on "BS3", the beat is straighter, the vibe is stripped back and it still slaps, moving through the gears to trip you out before the slo-mo good times roll! "Squidgycid4" Ronseals its way out the B1 with a gooey bassline, melancholic chimes and a wriggling, jiggling little sequence, "Finally Early 2 6b 1" goes hell for leather into nutso jungle and bitcrushed fuckery, before "Block By Block" e-funks the ever loving shit out of all and sundry, reducing this reviewer into a globulous blob of chair-dance euphoria.


A1. WRGV Compile
A2. BS3
B1. Squidgycid4
B2. Finally Early 2 6b 1
B3. Block By Block

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