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Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 29

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Phonk D lands on Exploited with a takeover of their now-legendary Black Jukebox series. Serving up 4 killer dancefloor cuts, he’s got the weapons you need for the months ahead.

The supremely funky ‘Work Dance’ makes great use of dramatic horn blasts as off-beat bass pumps and stomps all over the place. Twanging guitars licks accentuate the groove further. Chunky drum fills punctuate the rhythms and tumbling congas keep things rolling as vocal cuts command you to ‘dance!’

Head directly to ‘Facelift’ for some glorious strings, cascading romantically over snappy ‘90s house vibe beats. Undulating bass perfectly complements these cute motifs, making for a track that falls somewhere between ‘sorrowful’ and ‘triumphant’ on the mood board. Throw in some glistening harp scales and you’ve got yourself a winner.

‘Never Walked Away’ is a tense stomper that focuses around a filtering soul vocal loop with some sustained strings cooked into it. The shuffling beats and relentless bass are supporting by detuned piano chords, increasing the hypnotically looping feel.

‘Get Ready’ teases with more warped piano before unleashing a loose funk b-line and dubby vocal snippets. Sweet guitar licks weave around the slinky bassline, this understated track making a deep and balmy finale for this great EP. 


A1. Phonk D - Work Dance
A2. Phonk D - Facelift
B1. Phonk D - Never Walked Away
B2. Phonk D - Get Ready

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