Nathan Micay

Original Schvitz 001

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Original Schvitz

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One of our favourite newcomers to the dance arena concludes what's been an absolutely stellar year with a tasty three tracker for new label, Original Schvitz. The Toronto native heads the lasers and the big rigs for a trusting mainroom anthem, "The Canadian Shield" is built around galvanized synths, buzzing leads and uplifted stabs - it's basically a totally playable techno bomb that few will find resist after a couple of garies with their mates...

"Feed The Planetary Sharks" is more cerebral, showcasing the playful and exotic side that highlights much of Micay's output thus far. Jubilant and with a magic and highly transportative quality, it's the sound of a producer conjuring up his own sonic planes on which to inhabit.

"I Like My Nudeln Fried" is deep n naughty; capturing the house heads with its highly swung drum beat but keeping the techno heads hooked with its big rumbling b-line and futurist synth washes. Micay's expertly processed drums sound particularly exquisite on this final number....

A flawless year for this burgeoning producer who more than warrants your attention right now! 


Side 1
1. The Canadian Shield
Side 2
1. Feed The Planetary Sharks
2. I Like My Nudeln Fried

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