John Foxx

Concrete And Organised Noise

Image of John Foxx - Concrete And Organised Noise
Record Label
Metamatic Records

About this item

Alongside the raw, icy aggression of vocal-led Burning Car and Miss Machinery, this collection of instrumental music from 1980 initially appeared on the 2018 Metamatic box set. Now on vinyl for the first time to celebrate Metamatic’s 40th anniversary in January 2020, this is a haunted, at times beautiful electronic soundtrack which stands as a sister album to the main work. Photo by C.P. Gabrin. Artwork by Jonathan Barnbrook


1 A Frozen Moment
2 He’s A Liquid (Instrumental Dub)
3 Mr. No
4 The Uranium Committee
5 A Man Alone
6 Over Tokyo
7 Terminal Zone
8 Burning Car (Early Version)
9 A Version Of You
10 Glimmer (Alternative Version)
11 Fragmentary City
12 Metamorphosis
13 Critical Mass
14 Alamogordo Logic
15 Miss Machinery 

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