Formative Dubs

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Brothers From Different Mothers

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Brand new release on Brothers From Different Mothers, after the first LP of J-zbel, Judaah's label deliver the first solo EP of Jonquera, half of The Pilotwings.

It's a scuzzy take on sinister electro and more experimental electronix as our guides takes us through five very different sonic environments.

"Umamami" is sludgy and lysergic, full of gated drums and swirling sfx; like if Adrian Sherwood decamped to the Red Planet. "Hell Reggaeton" also milks the 80s gated drum set, with a crossover freestyle beat and mangled to oblivion vox; it's galloping delays and discordant guitar chops only add to the sense of urgent disorientation.

"Smegta" opens the flip with an arresting slice of aural manipulation; pulling and stretching a canvass of synthesized choir notes around a mechanized loom; it's like the ghosts of a cotton mill escaping out the woodwork.

"Escroc Voice In My Head" concludes the trip with a stop-you-in-your-tracks slice of taut EBM. Highly strung and ready to implode at any moment, the elastic synths and dark stabs perfectly compliment the creeping, zombie-horror groove in what's surely one of the best closing tracks to grace an EP all year!


A1. Umamami
A2. Hell Reggaeton
B1. Smegta
B2. Jonquera At Caluire On The Rocks
B3. Escroc Voice In My Head

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