Steal A Golden Hail

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Hardcore, glitch, rave tropes, jungle & noize and ambient all coalesce as a pungent puddle of plasma here for the permo-hyped Whities label. Artist going by the name of Quirke who drops a well designed structure utilizing pneumatic pistons and tearing abrasions juxtaposed with heart strained pianos and electronic melancholy. A nicely realized album of post-dance music chaos that should appeal to fans of Death Of Rave, HATE Soundsystem, La Beaute Du Negatif and such like. Recommended.


A1. Luxury Red Pence
A2. Se Seven 7S
A3. Sample Devon
A4. Fluorescent Phlegm
B1. Xultext Cradle
B2. Suction Fax
B3. Maybe Again, Crawl Through
B4. Spinhaunt Coil

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