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Abstract Thought

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Clone Aqualung Series

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Music beamed through inter-dimensional waves by Abstract Thought. 3 unnamed tracks taken from the original project tapes from 2003, recorded around the same time as the well known full length album release.

"01" crackles through broken analogue circuitry, juddering into focus across crumbling AC adapters and buzzing jack leads.

"02" pays an essential trip to the Drexciyan sub-lairs; an imperative stop-off for anyone cruising the aquatic electro submarine routes.

"03" creeps out of the machines with malice and intent. Inhumane electronic chatter and red shifted frequencies indicating a Martian presence as this one steadies the moon buggy for exploration.

Expert stuff here RIYL: Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Aux88 etc etc.


1. Abstract Thought 01
2. Abstract Thought 02
3. Abstract Thought 03

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