Juan Ramos

Oxford House

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ESP Institute

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After detonating a highly volitile batch of weirdshit with his debut LP "Changing Hands" earlier in the year, Juan Ramos returns to ESP Institute with the 'Oxford House' EP. Though his relationship with the label has already spawned four releases, the A-side here holds the track where it all started, "Fahrt Im Himmel", a hyperactive electro-house thumper caked in neon optimism. The folks at ESP first heard this jam in the midst of a packed dancefloor when Juan was at the decks, and have been patiently waiting to let this one loose ever since. On the flip "Oxford House" splinters freestyle, 91 house music and a pinging bassline into a sample-heavy dose of retro-raving primed for peace time detonation. If you ain't feeling the uptempo thump, wrap your ears around the "New York Metropolitan Area Mix", a bass heavy neck-snapper which could be a Black Moon instrumental. Mega!


A1. Fahrt Im Himmel (Let It Go)
B1. Oxford House
B2. Oxford House (New York Metropolitan Area Mix)

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