Birdbone Unlimited

Fancy Free

Image of Birdbone Unlimited - Fancy Free
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

You know the drill? Star Creature set up the mortar cannons for another salvo of modern boogie and funk. One of three releases out this week from the imperative US label and this double-headed 7" from Birdbone Unlimited is just the ticket.

"Fancy Free" kicks us off with an anthemic slice of boogie-soul. Big vocal parts on this one, especially the chorus which imparts the carefree nature of the track's subject matter perfectly into song.

"That Funky Stuff" is a frenetic electro-funk number, similar to those killer Ike N Mike release on Ed DMX's Fresh Up label. Certain to get the ballers pullin' bare shapes, it's undeniably evident FUNK never takes itself to serious as it gyrates its body right through the centre of the dancefloor. Choo choooo! 


Side 1
1. Fancy Free (4:08)
Side 2
1. That Funky Stuff (4:16)

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