Pepin Featuring Sauce 81

Galaxy Drive

Image of Pepin Featuring Sauce 81 - Galaxy Drive
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

Curveball from the Star Creature camp who deliver an incredibly sensual, vocal Balearic number from Pepin and Sauce 81. "Galaxy Drive" is like if Timmy Thomas de-camped to Ibiza circa '89 and did the sunset session at Cafe Del Mar live!

Build around a rigid drum pattern that, I think, is one of those classic rhythm sections that you'd find on vintage organs, Pepin executes some skilled keyboard work, tying leads and chords together in an intricate, star-plotted canvas. When Sauce 81 drops the vocal, you're already deep in the cosmic sugar, but the vocal really hammers the message home. I'm literally struggling to think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy this record. Blissful and intimate, with zero pastische. Mega. 


Side 1
1. Galaxy Drive (4:26)
Side 2
1. Galaxy Drive (instrumental) (4:29)

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