Ourra Presents James Merriwether Jr

Platinum City

Image of Ourra Presents James Merriwether Jr - Platinum City
Record Label
Star Creature

About this item

New Star Creature and they depart on one of the label's highly desirable 12" cruises. Three tracks on nice weighty wax by the finest purveyors of bedroom boogie and modern funk.

Simon Tappenden aka Ourra providing the slickness across the classic array of drum machines and vintage synthesizer. Varying styles and flavours, from the glitzy, just-getting-to-the-club glamour of rock solid boogie opener, "Platinum City". "Journey" takes things straight to late Sunday mornings in the bedroom with its sloowww tempo and sensual vibes. "Elevation" ont flip opts for a blast of 5D-funk, with vibing keyboard licks, glistening strings and a typically juddery boogie beat ensuring a clean 16-bit blast off for the pimped out electro-b-boys across the cosmos.



Side 1
1. Platinum City (4:37)
2. Journey (4:10)
Side 2
1. Elevation (5:46)

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