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Brand new on cult Manchester imprint Youth comes Firecracker-affiliated duo Georgia. Comprised of Brian Close and Justin Tripp and based in Chinatown, New York, the pair make galvanized futurescapes and granular rhythms; populated by 5D holographic melodies that hint at the oriental influences present around the act's locale.

Utilizing intricate and advanced synthesis and sound design methods, robotized vox and thumb piano patterns are mangled and morphed on track "Baiala Ghalic" while phazed tom patterns meet reversed murmurings in a kind of Event Horizon battle cry on "Window 5". There is infact, a lot of vocal utterances that find their way into the transmission; albeit fractured, frequency shifted and distorted beyond its original intention. Perfectly demonstrated on final track: "NY MBL". When Georgia explore rhythmic canvasses it's a highly textured and detailed affair, the level of freeform development unfathomably precise yet sounding natural and loose. 

Georgia are masters of sonic craft; equal to, and working alongside acts like Burnt Friedman, Kilchhofer, Vladislav Delay, Jan Jelinek and perhaps the electro-jazz side of Moritz Von Oswald (Trio). Recommended!


Matt says: A tour de force of otherworldly sonic design and future-gazing synthesis; Georgia paint the soundscapes of the next millennium for us to digest right now.


1. Fifthda 02:14
2. Window 6 06:54
3. Extra Tack 06:21
4. New Force 06:23
5. Baiala Ghalic 03:30
6. Window 5 05:34
7. City Floral 06:20
8. Easy Film Prolific Key 04:54
9. Laca Ja 03:46
10. Down Glaze 06:33
11. Smart Stance 04:48
12. Day To 06:51
13. Vision Zero 06:33
14. Anmonothe Lounge Track 05:32
15. NY MBL 03:38

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