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London Is The Place For Me 7

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The latest volumes in this highly acclaimed “London Is The Place For Me” series - Volume 7 & Volume 8 are presenting the music of the Windrush generation: the post-war, London recordings of West Indians and West Africans, in the first wave of modern migration to Britain. Volume 7 - Calypso, Palm-Wine, Mento, Joropo, Steel & Stringband overflows with diverse musical styles, including steel band, stringband, calypso, joropo and mento.


Millie says: Ranging from Marie Bryant, The Lion, Billy Sholanke, Trinidad Steel Band and a whole host of brilliant artists, Volume 7 is the next installation of music from the Windrush generation, this is vital listening.


Lord Beginner - Sons And Daughters Of Africa
The Lion - Royal Wedding
The Mighty Terror - The Hydrogen Bomb
Dai Dai Simba - Modern Telephone
Willie Payne & The Starlite Tempos - Wa Sise
The Mighty Terror - The Emperor Of Africa
Louise Bennett - Bongo Man
Marie Bryant - My Handy Man
Nigerian Union Rhythm Group - Tortoise Mambo
Calypso Rhythm Kings - Boul Ve Se
The Mighty Terror - Life Is Like A Puzzle
The Mighty Terror - Chinese Children
Bill Rogers - Hungry Man From Clapham
Lili Verona - Underground Train
The Lion - Highway Code
Billy Sholanke - Kana Kana
Calypso Rhythm Kings - L’Ann E Pass E
Lord & Lady Beginner - One Morning
West African Rhythm Brothers - Ema Foju Ana Woku
Trinidad Steel Band - Caroline

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