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Radiant Reality

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Retrofitted rave breaks with a proggy slant your tonic? Look no further than Bliss Inc., on Lone's dancetastic Magicwire imprint to keep the endorphins rushing rite thru till morning...

"Offensive Username" utilizes a classic late 90s vocal hook and gated synth lines across a Sheffield-patented bleep pattern and baggy-ass groove. "Radiant Reality" deploys a Gat Decor-styled bass preset, and as sweeping pads and cascading arps converge we're taken to another xtc-flavoured party under some sun-flecked motorway bridge as the morning rises from night.

"Outer Limits" keeps the bright synthetic optimism riding high as another quality slice of authentic hardcore emanates from the speaker stacks spreading pure unity and joy. Got enough energy for once last dance? "Lan Party" ups the tempo and energy back up to the max for a second wind of epic proportions. 


A1. Offensive Username
A2. Radiant Reality
B1. Outer Limits
B2. Lan Party

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