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Cult label Belters storm the dancefloor one more time with a quartet of killers from their Lithuanian pal Zoé Zoe. Boffins may recognize "Kalista" from the label's Dekmantel podcast - it now getting its first vinyl outing.

Octave bass, fx-soaked vox and heart swelling chords can only mean one thing - new Italo for the masses! Get yerself down to Bargin Booze and stock up on a crate of poppers - you're gonna need 'em when this one drops! Power thrusts for the midnight hour...."Quark" switches tact and deploys some dry Cornish acid a la Ceefax, RX-101, Squarepusher etc.

The internet breaking "Kalista" kicks off side B, a deep space acid serenade for a sci-fi love story; while the clinking, clanking mechanical madness of "Hubble Deep Field", closes off the record with an intrinsic and trickski cosmic drug-chugger. Check! 


A1. My Personal (Dulcinea Del Toboso)
A2. Quark
B1. Kalista
B2. Hubble Deep Field

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