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Krystal Klear returns, bringing with him a superb follow-up to a healthy string of releases over the past few years (2018's 'Neutron Dance' being a particular favourite). We kick things off with the octaved synth pulses and hammering 4-4 percussives laying out a statement of intent straight away before filtering in a syncopated resonant 303 throb on 'Entre Nous', slowly building into the charicatured but oh-so-effective 'drop' around the two minute mark. We get the whole gamut of perfectly produced and undeniably satisfying rave standards (piano, stacked saw waves, filters, sweat, bruxism, nystagmus, etc.) before following up with the soaring Italo pomp of 'Autobahn'. It's a bit more of a slow burner this, with the first couple minutes slowly pushing up the fader on the woody percussion loops and the latter half bringing in an octaved synth in a similar manner, but acts perfectly as a gradually growing and eventually explosive closer to the exciteable first side. 

'I'll Be There When You Need Me' opens the second side with a slightly whimsical wash of subtle melodic counterpoint and panned 5ths all floating and ducking around the churning filter sweeps and snappy 909, layering elements into a stunning culmination of dewy-eyed retrospection and productional futurism, before closing with the more immediately poppy neon glare of 'Gambino', summarising the previous pieces while acting as a well-needed palate cleanser from the halogenic intensity of the previous three. 


Barry says: Bright, soaring instrumental bliss here from Krystal Klear, with huge synths and shimmering keys all coalescing into a euphoric, sweaty bath. Massive all round.


1. Entre Nous 06:46
2. Autobahn 06:48
3. I'll Be There When You Need Me 07:23
4. Gambino 05:32

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