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Castel EP

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Robin Richards, principle composer in the band Dutch Uncles announces Castel, his debut solo EP. A stunning six pieces, Castel draws on everything from Gregorian chanting to Steve Reich-esque minimalism and rhythm-led musique concrète. Robin Richards: ""Toompea" is set during the Estonian fight for independence, and is an exploration of the impact political that Soviet oppression in the Baltics had on native artists in the 70s and 80s. It's written in three movements, and named it after the ancient castle which houses the parliament of Estonia."


Matt says: We always knew Robin Richards was one wacked-out quirky weirdo (in the best sense!), but this proves it! Completely uncategorizable but genius in every way!


1. Cofi
2. Arvo
3. Gefail Yr Ynys
4. Toompea
5. B-R
6. Llongau Caenarfon

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