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Ambitions Remixes II - Inc. Isolée Remix

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Smalltown Supersound

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Prins Thomas released his 6th solo album" Ambitions" in 2019 - and as always with Prins Thomas the album is just the beginning of the journey. Now he is releasing two 12"s with remixes from the album. On this, the second 12", Isolée has remixed the title track "Ambitions" into one of his idiosyncratic, cerebral house movements; accentuating the hypnotic nature of PT's original with new digital interferences and glitched percussion. There's also another 12" version of "Urmannen" by Prins Thomas on the flip side that rides soft 303s and dreamy atmospheres into a searing air guitar solo; utilizing a cushioned sonic play area for maximum enjoyment and sensual play.

Mega mega mega, as always from the Smalltown Supersound crew! Tip! 


Matt says: 2nd volume of "Ambitions" remixes and old glitch house royality Isolée is invited in for fun times. That new version of "Urmannen" ain't half bad either - gerrit in the bag pronto!


SIDE A: 1. Ambitions (Isolée Remix)
SIDE B: 1. Urmannen (12” Version By Prins Thomas) 

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