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World Order Music

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Novel Sound

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Brand new album from Levon and we find our esteemed New Jerseyite slap bang in the middle of a right purple patch! Further delving into the remnants of trance's incarceration, album open "Kiss Marry Kill"'s anthemic synthline opens proceedings with an ambitious reach and ecstatic release. "Flowers For Algernon" is a sparsely populated terrain of electric-strings, plotted M1 stabs and drifting vox; a cinematic sketch of melancholic serenity. Title track "World Order Music" deploys one of LV's trademark piano lines over mechanized beats for that perfect cross-pollination of house and techno that he does so well. "Reverse Stoclholm Syndrome" returns to deep and proggy realms, soundtracking an endless sunrise across one of the hedonistic party beaches of the global village. Fuck we're only a quarter of the way thru and I already feel like I've been on a 48-hour session and need to re-assess my priorities.

One of the most consistent producers across house and techno delivers a flawless LP that's jam packed from beginning to end with hits. Don't sleep on this one folks!


A1. Kiss Marry Kill
A2. Flowers For Algernon
B1. World Order Music
B2. Reverse Stockholm Syndrome
C1. The Vampire Lestat
C2. She Likes To Wave At Passing Boats
D. Ratio
E1. Opening (Glass)
E2. And It Don't Change
F1. Diane Fossey
F2. Back To The Grind

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