Primal Astrology

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ESP Institute

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TCB aka Chris Beißwenger, ESP's boy on Jah bless road, goes a little something like: 1977, born cross-eyed, parents like Boney M; 1984, suburbia USA, DSNY, still cross-eyed; 1988, 98.7 Kiss FM New York on the school bus radio; 1989, Frankfurt Am Main, hyperactive, outsider, got lazered; 1991, drums and piano in cheesy school band; 1993, kicked out of Omen, kicked out of school band; 1994, kicked out of Omen again, got his own band; 1995, kicked out of band, finally in at Omen, The Box, Wild Pitch Club; 1996, got first car, Fasttracker, EMU ESI-32; 1999, no more car, no more Omen, Robert Johnson instead; 2002, first release, High Tide; 2003, Ableton 0.1 Beta, less MIDI, more gefrickel; 2004, exchange High Tide for CB Funk, kicked out of Cocoon; 2005, a silly move to Düsseldorf, Burkina Faso, more synthesizers; 2006, again silly in Düsseldorf, Brontosaurus, disco-house, love; 2007, Cologne and Frankfurt, back to piano, more love, still no car; 2008, with love to Frankfurt, Arto Mwambe on the road, storyteller; 2009, Mwambe still on the road, bored of work; 2010, Live At Robert Johnson, four-day week (thank God), four bike accidents; 2011, Europe, bored of piano, invention of The Citizen’s Band; 2012, modular cookery, thoughts of moving; 2013, Burkinian's death, Delphi's rise, almost made it, 2014, broke out of seven-year cycle to[o] complicate[d] being, TCB; 2015, floor-clearing/career-ending Boiler Room set; 2016, busy doing soundtracks, work overload; 2017, missed the summer hit, wait till next year; 2018, BWL gone live, MoMoMo at Amp, hot in May; December 2019, completed and released album of dubs for ESP Institute, 'Primal Astrology'; 2020, spliffs ignited, world excited.


Patrick says: If your brain's boggled by those ESP Institute sales notes, allow me to translate. TCB is Chris Beißwenger, LARJ regular, techno and disco don and member of the mighty Arto Mwambe alongside Lauer. Here he displays his hardware mastery, superior sound design and ear for a melody with a six tracker of futuristic digital dub for day-trippers.


A1. Spooks
A2. Greenwashing
A3. Past One-Twenty
B1. Wet FX
B2. Help For People
B3. Primal Astrology

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