Alps 2

Arron’s Here

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Selby Soul

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Inaugural release on Manchester’s latest electronic label Selby Soul. This debut 4-track EP from Alps 2 is a baptism of liquid grooves, cathartic progressions and spaced out synthetic rapture. Purifying the more melancholic elements of artists like MssingNo, Kieren Hebden, Baba Stiltz and Burial into crystalline sugar. A much needed temperate tonic to assuage the oncoming winter.

Who the fuck is Alps 2?! And where have they come from?! This is ACE! - exquisite sound design, sympathetic rhythms and a playful, saccharine-drenched use of vox; it's so 2019 it hurts whilst remaining deliciously humane and heartfelt. Miss are your peril!


Millie says: Alps 2 arrive from Manchester label, Selby Soul, providing the perfect mix of house-y lo-fi beats. Four tracks of pure ambient gold, however the last track ‘I Wonder’ has captured a certain 80’s soft rock-esque vibe which I can’t get enough of.


A1. Remember To Feel Something
A2. Thank Yous
B1. Arron's Here
B2. I Wonder

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