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Akoya Circles

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This powerful platter is a muscular tribute to the analogue innovation and body music of the 1980s. Incorporating myriad hints of new wave, soft industrial and proto-acid, Luca Duran once again demonstrates his ability to take the sounds that have influenced his work and spin their heritage into a sincere, playful and most importantly, fresh release. A worthy follow up on his recent Clone Royal Oak release on his own Akoya Circles imprint! The record opens with the punchy 'Body Mechanics', a purely physical jam loaded with vampish synths and pounding drums, offset with a loved-up vocal sample. 'Romancia Negativa' was recorded while in Bogota in late 2018, and is informed by the experimentation and abandon of DIY songwriting and band culture, while maintaining it's foot on the dancefloor. Luca Duran's razor-sharp nous for a groove is immediately reestablished on the flip with the patient, acidic 'Life Wires', a deceptively complex analogue jam that bubbles with analogue energy and left field details. The EP concludes with 'Circunavalar', an ethereal blend of Luca Duran's sublime oscillations that leads listeners and dancers gently to a conclusion to a spacious heaven of meditative bass weight.


Patrick says: Luca Duran kicks off his own Akoya Circles imprint with four tracks of cybernetic breakbeat, fizzing EBM, gliding acid and occasional Italo. As the human world becomes entirely unpalatable this is primo assimilation tackle.


A1. Body Mechanics
A2. Romancia Negativa
B1. Life Wires
B2. Circunvalar

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