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A wise man once mused: “Defining Balearic is very much akin to nailing lemon jelly to a Las Salinas beach hut; messy, sure, but ultimately a lot of fun.”
Ibicencos brothers, Andres Y Xavi, may not need to wash their hands but they are clearly open to producing deeply lovely music inspired by the White Isle as their debut album, ‘Vibraciones y Sentimientos’, attests.

The Andres y Xavi story goes as follows: After years of playing other people’s music, Xavi decided that he wanted to conceive his own record. Through an inventive charity offering ‘direct-to-disc’ recordings at €50 a pop, he seized the initiative but realised he needed some chops to ‘get shit done’. Andres walked in the room. From then on the two high plains drifters began to realise that unlikely dream and a highly sought-after seven-inch record (two people want it on Discogs - twice as many as there are copies!) emerged: a live percussive free flowing re-working of J-Walk’s Soul Vibration.

15 minutes after walking into that studio they had their jaw-dropping debut release in the can and the record Xavi had long dreamed of. Then time passed….

Andres (aka Glenn Fallows of The Impellers and many more acts besides) was tired of destroying Hammond organs and shredding guitar riffs. He decided he needed a new direction. In what some might consider a strange decision, he invited Xavi (aka BAOL's Steve KIW) back to the studio and they rekindled their mysterious alchemy.

Andres knew how to make music; Xavi knew the music they needed make… and here lie the fruits of that captivating, yet highly unlikely, partnership. Ten tracks of corporate-free heavenly bliss recorded between the summer of 2015 and spring’s 2018 - seven original compositions and three cover versions. A re-recorded version of Soul Vibration also appears; its veritable creator, Martin Brew, had this to say: “barely recognisable from the original”, and, “this is brilliant, I love it so much.” DJ Shadow and Underworld are also given the Andres y Xavi interpretive treatment.

Before the tracks had even been mastered they were receiving support from Phat Phil Cooper, Balearic Ultras, BAOL and Picko-d (One Million Sunsets).


My Alibi
Never Seen Ibiza
Last Breath Of Sunshine
This Time
Day Break
Soul Vibraciones
Is It Balearic?

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