Eduardo Mateo

Cuerpo Y Alma

Image of Eduardo Mateo - Cuerpo Y Alma
Record Label
Little Butterfly

About this item

Cuerpo y alma was Eduardo Mateo’s second record as a soloist, originally released by Sondor in 1984. Recorded between 1981 and 1984. In this record Mateo also experimented with percussion trying to get closer to a Hindú Percussion. This record reissued for the first time.

Eduardo Mateo is one of the most important influences in the history of the Uruguayan Music. Mixing beat, jazz, bossa nova and candombe. He was the one who created the “candombe-beat” mostly known as “fusión”. He also was member and inspired the legendary band “El Kinto”.


A1. Cuerpo Y Alma
A2. Nombre De Bienes
A3. Maria
A4. El Son Oro Scope
A5. Carlitos
A6. El Tungue Le
B1. Lo Dedo Negro
B2. El Boliche
B3. Si Vieras
B4. Un Canto Para Iemanja
B5. La Casa Grande
B6. El Airero

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