Love, Life, Stress & Setbacks

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Jerk It

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Our fertile Mancunian soils uncover yet more magic from underneath the paving slabs and gutter grills of our city streets. Jerk It, a new label born out of the clubnight and radio show of same name, inaugurates itself with a precision crafted, garage-house bass hybird from Swedish producer Bobo (Bars Of Beats).

Opening with the intricately constructed, "And They All Look Like You" - full of darting sfx and cleverly overlocked rhythms, it simmers white hot while machine-code hats and delicate piano notes glide us forward on a slinky plane.

"Crucifxi" follows with a truck load of bass weight as it delivers a Void-approved journey into spiraling synthetic house goodness that's heavy enough to bridge into more intense moments later. The long breakdowns and wide-spectrum stereo field should ensure this does maximum damage in a club environment.

Flip and the more hyped up, garage hybrids jostle for attention. "Workin" sounds already like it could be the label / clubnight's theme tune; it's clever ghosted vocal loop a call to arms for the Jerk It mob. Add a stuttered nu-breakbeat riddim, gliding subs & the odd dub siren and you've got yourself a vacuum-tight modern club exercise for all to enjoy!

Another shuddering, syncopated beat closes off the release; "The Downfall Of Zanzibarland" concluding business with an upfront & street ready merging of electro, techno and bass with pneumatic drums, crisp perx and spectral synth lines; perfect for dancing eyes-wide-shut come 3AM at your local night spot.

Top stuff here from Boba and the Jerk It cru... 1-2-watch 4 sure... Check! 


Matt says: Yes lads! Local upstarts Jerk It make the natural transition from clubnight > radio show > label - bringing forth the precision club sounds of Bobo for their debut joint. It's a doozy!


1. The Downfall Of Zanzibarland 
2. And They All Look Like You 
3. Workin 
4. Crucifix 

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