Kolja Gerstenberg

Anna Melara EP

Image of Kolja Gerstenberg - Anna Melara EP
Record Label
Lumberjacks In Hell

About this item

German percussionist Kolja Gerstenberg supplying some funky fresh house music for Vogel's long established Lumberjacks In Hell imprint. Previously releasing on Suol and Smile For A While, the producer combines his love of drums with some classic house music tropes - deep organ lines, chopped soul vox and of course, the all important bite and swing of the MPC!

Moods range from bright and breezy to deep and moody across the four tracks which do away with any superfluity and get straight down to business on each and every cut. Disco-indebted cut, "Want You" is sure to be the big crossover hit, but the other three are gonna do plenty of damage to.

Lumberjacks ride again!


Side 1
1. Feel Yo (4:09)
2. Where They're From (4:33)
Side 2
1. Want You (5:14)
2. Get Over (5:26)

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