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Too Old For This

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'Suspension' is the debut 7" from South London's Blue Bendy; a breathless combination of pastoral psychedelia and jaunty post-punk. It is backed by the jaunty, irresistibly catchy ‘As Long As I Get My (Hiss)’, which crosses C86 indie-pop with 90s indietronica. Blue Bendy are six former Goldsmiths students who initially bonded over a mutual love of Stereolab and 90s fashion. In the words of the band themselves: “‘Suspension’ is a profoundly wonky lament about a bridge; a celebration of the monolith on Humberside if you will. It was conceived out of a desire to communicate its enduring status as a symbol of romance, nostalgia and yearning.”


As Long As I Get My (Hiss)

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