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Brazilian Edits

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Mister T

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Second release on Mister T and it's a highly electrified trip into Brazil as Mundo edits up another veritable selection of his country's disco musica...

"Jangada" opens proceedings with a fiery workout containing flanged guitar chops, vocal chants and chorused bass, encapsulating the in-the-pocket grooves prevalent across the continent.

"Infernal" takes a step back further in time stylistically, tapping up that original late 70s vibe perfectly with its heavily orchestrated arrangement and emotive chord changes; again further elevated with a fabulous vocal section.

"Melo Do Camelo" canters in with all the buzz of the party, an electric arpeggio and 4/4 disco drums perfectly highlighting the south American vocal inflections and buoyant keyboard work. If you've ever caught the legend that is Neil Diablo DJ'in in recent weeks - you'll already be familiar with this catchy jam!


Sil says: Three heavily Brazilian cuts quantized and curated just for you. Digging for edits seems to never stop!


A1. Jangada
B1. Infernal
B2. Melo Do Camelo

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