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This "Like A Prayer" edit has been a secret weapon in Mike Simonetti's DJ sets for almost three years, and has been one of his most requested tracks. The fact that it has amassed over 15,000 downloads on SoundCloud before being taken down by Madonna's people has only added to the mystique of this particular rework. The b-side is the polar opposite -- yet equally as effective -- rework of krautrock legend Faust. Here, Mike takes a meandering kraut masterpiece, and in a more classic edit style, turns it into an 11-minute dancefloor journey with bigger drums, faster BPMs and buildups/breakdowns. Where the Madonna edit is sparse and bare, the Faust edit is lush and ecstatic.

"The story goes... about 7 years ago i had an idea of making a re-edit of Like A Prayer, but instead of using the original version of the song, I wanted to use the acapella version that is on the b-side of the 12” single. My idea was to cut it up and make it more like a gospel song than a pop song. The acapella version is unique because they brought the choir backing vocals out to the front and you can hear things that you do not notice in the original song. On the 12” acapella version they were also nice enough to leave the original background percussion in as well, so all the pieces fit perfectly, and I was able to layer percussion over the vocals and make it into a new song . I did not add any extra instruments or production, I just did an old fashioned re-edit, and extended it to almost 10 minutes. I would play this in my dj sets all the time, and still do- usually either in the middle of a long marathon set or at the end- or sometimes both. I put it up on SoundCloud and it had over 50,000 streams before Madonna’s people took it down.

Since then it’s become something of a legend, because it wasn’t available anywhere because of copyright laws, yet people knew about it. @willtramp made a post about from 2014! Lucky for me, this new record label called “Its Not A 2MR” found a loophole and pressed a few hundred vinyl copies. It is a one time pressing, so act fast. The b-side is also an epic 8 minute long rework of your favorite krautrock band Faust. I played it on @beatsinspace last year and got a lot of requests for it. Both of these songs are dance floor ready bombs. Your dreams of a Madonna/Faust split lp have been realized. You’re welcome." -Mike Simonetti 


Patrick says: The LEGENDARY Mike Simonetti edit of 'Like A Prayer' (as bigged up by one William of Tramp) finally gets a vinyl pressing - gospel pop at its finest. Flip it for an equally exceptional edit of Faust which has been breaking the internet of late. One time press - move fast!


A1. Mike Plays Ann O'Dam
B1. Sonnen Schein

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