Beneath The Floors

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Tin Angel

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Recorded in the same veterans hall 5 months prior to it’s sibling record (Oath Of Intent), Beneath The Floors delves deeper into their dark imagination, stretching further into stylistic extremes. Spoken stories that thread through the ringing clamour of post-punk anthems (Incantessa, Lickspittle: A Nut In The Paste) are juxtaposed by the soft whisper of ballads (Via 5A, Hangman’s Keep) and sinister instrumental passages (Falcon Scott Trail, Con Art Inc.) Rests between songs are seldom. Hard cuts and hiss from the reel-to-reel tape sessions inject a spirit of conviction through each passing movement, leaving behind a sense of wonder in their wake.


A Nut In The Paste
Cleat Walker
Hangmans Keep
Master Keys
Via 5A
Falcon Scott Trail
Con Art Inc
Beneath The Floors

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