Skylark And The Scorpion

Skylark And The Scorpion

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Skinny Dog

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From the haunting haze of strings to the melodiously plucked harp, then the ethereal female voice that soars like a siren call, beseeching a lover to stay, Skylark & The Scorpion simultaneously tug at the heartstrings and nourish the soul. Their sweeping soundscapes swell, soothe and seduce like the titular lovers. Destined to be together forever, but fated to be separated ‘til eternity, their tale of doomed romance is the stuff of classical tragedy.

Contributions come from ambient music composer Roger Eno (brother of Brian, who added piano and accordion to the mix) and orchestral arranger Nell Catchpole (on violin/viola), with additional contributions from Tim Harries (double bass), Jamie Spencer Smith (guitars), Fontane Liang (harp) and Nick Foot (percussion). Producer / songwriter Webb, who also plays the cornet, then completed the album by adding brass arrangements, before sending the results to celebrated producer Ben Hillier for mixing.

To commemorate the album’s announcement, Skylark and the Scorpion are also revealing a 40-minute short film that accompanies the entire record, making this an extraordinary artistic AV project. Weather The Storm (the film) was shot in Shetland and features both band members.

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