Gamma Infolded

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Written in Toronto and Montreal between 2017-2018, this debut LP from ex-terrestrial is in part the residue of long drives through Belgian countryside listening to shadow music. Gamma Infolded is a reflection of the fractured self, a culmination of distractions erected into intricate edifices. Dense foundations of dissonance support quirky, smile-inducing melodies in curious and odd states of being. All that can break is broken and all that is amplified is nullified.


A1. Current Location
A2. Guardian Angel
A3. Awaken, Arise
B1. Skip Ad
B2. Gguunngg
B3. Bored Of Canada
C1. Gamma Infolded
C2. The Feeling Is Mutable
C3. Scatterbrainn
D1. Travel Safe
D2. Trails

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