Tanda Tula Choir

Adap-Adations (Inc. Superpitcher / Red Axes / Lax / Esa Remixes)

Image of Tanda Tula Choir - Adap-Adations (Inc. Superpitcher / Red Axes / Lax / Esa Remixes)
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Autonomous Africa

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After a slight hiatus, Autonomous Africa is back...

A couple of years ago Superpitcher was invited to go on a safari in South Africa.
It was wild and wonderful and he saw many exotic (and big!) animals, even a leopard in a tree that told him the secret of the universe. He forgot what the leopard said because his mind was still playing and replaying the sound of what he heard on the first night of his arrival – the hypnotic and moving sound of the voices of Africa, the voices of the wonderful Tanda Tula staff choir.
There, the choir members work during the day at the camp and at night entertain the guests with their captivating voices and energetic dancing. So impressed was he with their songs and beautiful Shangaan language that he decided to record a CD for them to sell in the shop at their camp.
He then approached Autonomous Africa with the idea of putting out a remix EP, which took a little longer than planned to come together but is finally ready to share with the world. It contains four very different but somehow complementary remixes from Superpitcher, LAPS, Red Axes and Esa.
All profits from this release will be split between Tanda Tula choir and the International Library of African Music. Founded by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey in 1954, ILAM is an an organisation dedicated to the preservation and study of African music.


Patrick says: Charitable Afro-electronix here from Superpitcher and Autonomous Africa featuring a quartet of club ready remixes of South Africa's Tanda Tula Choir. On the A-side the shimmer and glide of Superpticher's mix meets the Shangaan nang of the Red Axes. The flip sees LAPS get tense and techy while Esa romps through a progressive variation.


A1. Superpitcher Adaptation
A2. Red Axes Adaptation
AA1. LAPS Adaptation
AA2. Esa Adaptation

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