A Separate Reality

Everywhere You Look

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Our Starry Universe

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New imprint Our Starry Universe announces its arrival on the scene with the debut release by Nick Chacona & Tim Wagner’s A Separate Reality. A hot, hand stamped test press limited to 100 numbered units, is already making the rounds in Ibiza and New York, and this is just the beginning. Expect more Cosmic, Psychedelic and Balearic Jams from A Separate Reality & other artists on the OSU label in the new year.

ASR is a collaboration of veteran NYC producers Nick Chacona (2020VISION/HECTOWORKS/MOODMUSIC) & Tim Wagner (Amy Douglas, 33HZ, Sunrise Highway). A sonic realization bursting with sunny & distant synth pop sounds. Balearic vibrations felt in your very soul… while wearing sunglasses forever and listening to the dancehall banger playing three blocks away. Optimistic and cynical? Maybe. Claude Monet-beautiful for sure. This is the new age.


Patrick says: Turning the clock back about 15 years, A Separate Reality cook up a hazy journey into psych-tinged cosmic and Balearic chug. Think A Mountain Of One, Soft Rocks, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve etc.


A. Everywhere You Look
B. ...You See God (Instrumental)

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