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DJ Mentality

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Superconscious Records

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For Superconscious' fourteenth edition the label looks inwards once again to its enigmatic senior co-president Fantastic Man. Almost two years have gone by since his last contribution (as P.M.T.C) and as the world spirals ever deeper into the abyss, turntables everywhere are a welcome form of escapism for many.

In his welcome return, Fantastic Man offers another fresh slab of fast-paced atmospheric rave jams to the fray. These four slices are intended - as the name suggests - for the one place where we can still come together, and for a moment, forget the troubles of the world and party like it's 1999 once again.

Slick and slender, "DJ Mentality" emits a sophisticated sheen as it layers breakbeats over its technoid pulse. "Out Of My World" is an optimistic, bouncy acid jam that, to me, is just lacking a Lune bird call to firmly take it into 'anthem' territory. "Aurora Digitalis" has a piano line Tony Lioni would be proud of, whilst its metallic string stabs and exotic nature take it striding confidently into the Tiki bars and terraces of some long lost paradise. As does final track, "Sun Express", but in a much more urgent and devilish form; it sounding very much like you're deep within the foliage at some huge full moon party minus any psy-trance or crusties - ie. Loads of fun. Mega EP this - check it folks!


A1. DJ Mentality
A2. Out Of My World
B1. Aurora Digitalis
B2. Sun Express (Emergency Mix)

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