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Nelson Bishop - Inc. Darshan Jesrani Remix

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Startree's third release and it's Nelson Bishop who's on the dials. Don't worry if you haven't heard of this cat yet, he's still a relative newcomer to the scene; but after you've listened to this EP - complete with Darshan Jesrani remix no less - I'm sure, like us, you'll be wafting his flag gently from your turntable space....

"Alice et les Aloes" is a quirky piece, star-gazing but with a guilty melancholy and a somehow childlike follay. Squelchy one-note synth blasts, 4/4 rock-discop drums, rock solid, galvanized bass; it's all thrown into the pot a cauldron of Balearic magic that's not a million miles away from the quality of that famous Hubbabubbaklubb track "Mopedbart"

“Still Life Noix de Coco” is rooted in a stomping Linndrum pattern, vaguely post-punk chorus-y bass and wistful, descending organ timbres. Driving and somewhat mysterious, you would do well to time the release of fog onto your dancefloor to coincide with the airing of this jam! Again, unique but possessing a welcome humane sensibility that will find its way into the hearts of dancers with minimal effort.

Shoring up the other side is Darshan Jesrani’s take on "Alice et les Aloes". In this version, Darshan deploys his clear, focussed melodies and iconic woodblock-centric drum programming, riding the squelchy boogie chords with aplomb and keeping us jiving right till the end of the track. A perfectly considerate remix from the Metro Area superstar! Recommended all around this 'un, and it won't hang around long!


A1. Alice Et Les Aloes
A2. Still Life Noix De Coco
B1. Alice Et Les Aloes (Darshan Jesrani Coup De Soleil Mix)

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