Legs Pt. 1 / Let My People Go

Image of Darondo - Legs Pt. 1 / Let My People Go
Record Label
Ubiquity Recordings

About this item

Double A-side 7" featuring Darondo's most dancefloor worthy tune "Legs Pt.1", a slice of proto-Prince type funk with the powerful and conscious ballad "Let My People Go" on the flip. Limited edition release on Ubiquity, licensed from the original tapes and sounding as funky as ever! 


Matt says: Suuuuper tasty funk double header, gritty and slouchy AF; the bass playing alone on both tracks is worth the entrance fee alone. Add some dusty drums and harrowed vocal parts and you've got two deep funk nuggets smothered in gold.


A. Legs Pt.1
B. Let My People Go 

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