Cool / Dub

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New West

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Namechecked by REM (back when they were cool) as the best band in the world, championed by LCD Soundsystem throughout their career and feted by every cool band you can think of (including the B-52s), Pylon are certainly the best band you've ever heard of. Formed in Athens, GA in 1979 over a mutual love of Cabaret Voltaire, Suicide, The No New York compilation, the group of art students and amateur musicians found the magic, capturing the DIY energy around them instantly to become the focal point of their local scene. 

Now enjoying its 40th anniversary, this single serves spikey guitars and unflinching vocals on the A-side - peak post punk but much better than the rest, while B-side "Dub" is a pounding and hypnotic no-wave dancer par excellence. It's time to fill the gap in your collection I reckon.


Patrick says: Peerless post-punk / no-wave brilliance here from Athens legends Pylon. Hypnotic, hard hitting and entirely angular, these two jams would be classics if they'd come out of NYC...



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