J'irais Dormir Chez Mouss

Image of Warzou - J'irais Dormir Chez Mouss
Record Label
Mystery Booms Records

About this item

After several apparitions of the modern electronic scene, Warzou strikes again, here on the Lyon based Mystery Booms Records for a détour dub called "J'irai dormir chez Mouss"! Tripping to a digi-dub exercise with two mystic and ritualistic songs, from aerian flutes to pop arrangements composed with cheap instruments, including an MPC 2000, keyboard Casio VZ-1, digital delay and mother reverb. Tribute to the old way with this primitive-contemporary feeling! Expected red eyed soundboys to play them loud on your local system! Highly recommended deep carnival presha - check!


Matt says: Second release from this fledging Mystery Booms label and both have been imperative additions to the digi-dub cannon. Expert stuff for your next soundclash!


A. J'irais Dormir Chez Mouss
B. Big Boy

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