Douniah & High John

Dream Baby

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Melting Pot

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High John and Douniah are an alternative R&B / Hip-Hop duo from Hamburg and Berlin. Johns warm, lo-fi beats and Douniahs rich, soul-soaked voice interact in a very natural way, combining almost organically 90's urban music with the timbre und themes of the here and now.

The two first met at the St.Pauli Kreativ Nacht Festival in Hamburg. When High John started his beat set, Douniah stepped to the mic and the magic happened. John and Douniah jammed for nearly one hour and this session became the stepping stone for their future project.

High John released a split album with Plusma earlier this year titled "High+" and is part of the Raw Suppliers collective. Douniah released two dope collaborations this year: "Don't You Worry" with Fuchy (aka Farhot)
and "Naked Trees" with Cap Kendricks.


1. Dream Baby
2. Representin'
3. Like That
4. Neighbourhood
5. 90bpm
6. Get Down (Skit)
7. Back In (My) Bed
8. Early Summer
9. Thinking (Enemies)
10. I Miss
11. Smooth With Us 

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