Sholay (Kris Baha/ Multiple Man Sniffing Anxiety Mixes)

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Snap Crackle & Pop

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London based French producer Mondowski follows a spate of recent releases on Relish and Ombra with a new, club-orientated vision for London label and clubnight SC&P. Following his remix services on label's debut and 4th releases, Mondowski makes his full label debut with an electro inspired turn. Dancefloor orientated lead track "Sholay" finds a mesmerizing path somewhere between extroverted 80's electro and celebratory spiritual transcendence and gets the remix treatment from Pinkman's Kris Baha who subverts the original by turning the electro backbone up to 11. The EP's B-side, "Negative Space", voyages into darker electro territories with Kraftwerkesque synths, rolling pads and a Motorik bassline, all of which provides the launchpad for Multiple Man to turn out a pitch black EBM banger on his Sniffing Anxiety remix. Ace.


Sil says: EBM meets middle eastern music or Turkish I guess. It is good old Baha toying with the dark sensibilities of machines with organic elements of human voice via samples. The originals are something worth your time, the remixes are geared for the dancefloor.


A1. Sholay
A2. Negative Space
B1. Sholay (Kris Baha Remix)
B2. Negative Space (Multiple Man Sniffing Anxiety Remix)

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