Not Seeing Is A Flower EP

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Ancient Astronauts

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Lone continues to thrive on his newly established label, Ancient Astronauts, with its second release of the year, "Not Seeing Is a Flower".

Steering towards a new studio album from the Nottingham-based producer, the three-track EP takes its name from a Japanese idiom (見ぬが花), which suggests that reality cannot compete with imagination. Lapping at varied shades of the psyche, "Glyphic" kicks things off with a heavyweight tribal techno cut inspired by Cutler’s experiences at Bass Coast festival this summer, fusing 303 acid with sweltering piano lines and otherworldly vocals for a transcendental dancefloor experience. The senses are heightened with title-track "Not Seeing Is A Flower", which reaches beyond reality with slowly spoken samples effortlessly melting into a lush ambient techno backdrop reminiscent of early work from The Future Sound Of London, Orbital, and The Black Dog. Finally, "Boketto" sees Lone embrace the same tone of downtempo trip-hop detailed on his albums "Lemurian" and "Reality Testing" with rolling percussion and meditative chimes drawing close on some of the producer’s most lavish work to date.


Sil says: Always pushing gender boundaries in music. This is a top notch belter with some harrowingly beautiful artwork.


A1. Glyphic
B1. Not Seeing Is A Flower
B2. Boketto

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