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Bridge Boots

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While "Bobby" was the track that sparked the idea for Caserta to start BridgeBoots, "Diana" was always in the back of his mind.

"Diana" started off as a release on the long since defunct LegitMix platform. Now it gets new life remixed and mastered by Caserta @TheBridge StudioLA, with a more concise 7-inch edit as well as a brand new 'Sing A Long Dub' on the flip; it's sure to be a main stay in the crates for years to come.


Sil says: Right on time to be dropped in one of those awful xmas office parties but hold your horses... why drop the original when you can drop this mega edit instead? Buy on sight!


A1. Diana (Caserta’s 7 The Long Way Mix)
B1. Diana (Caserta’s Sing-A-Long Dub)

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