Struggle 4 Real

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Going Bananas

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Seriously fun electro bangers from a new artist named Gen-Y kick off this new label: Going Bananas.

"Where My Phone At" is gritty & gnarly with tons of attitude. Running vocals thru the Korg MS-20 in a kinda 'window licking' stylee, the snappy electro beatz and concentric melodic gurgles make for a brilliant narcotic, early doors kinda track...

"Phucked Up" perfectly balances a bouncy breakbeat with techy stabs and a pitched-down, druggy vox. Add a bubbling, acidic lead line, swishy perx and aquatic SFX and you've got yourself a compatible deep sea diver to man the torpedo bays.


Matt says: I usually shy away from the various mutant forms of new electro, unless it's really good - which this is! Growling and snarling ahead of the pack, Gen-Y ruin trainers and Monday mornings with this warehouse-approved smash.


A1. Where My Phone At
B1. Phucked Up

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