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Dekmantel's hot streak continues as the imperious Dutch imprint follow up that killer Epsilove 12" with this blistering debut from Neon Chambers, the new collaboration between Kanding Ray and Sigha. Aiming to expand on their already impressive solo careers the two men have pooled hardware, sonic know-how and club experience to create this new audio-visual vehicle for studio and live enjoyment. 
The duo’s debut EP, "One" is a whirlwind of crushing modern sonics, that is equal parts jagged rave, progressive dub-fuelled two-step and night time-ethereal IDM. Throughout all five-tracks, the producers wield a wicked awareness of state-of-the-art sound design, that makes each kick cerebral, every bass-sound an epic vibration, and every synth a futuristic cacophony of finely-tuned noise. The sounds are an amalgamation of everything that has made each artistic unique in their own right, while correspondingly helping create something new. ‘Apollo’ is a prodigious working of melodic synthesis, with delicate, and rolling breaks, while ‘Cascade’ moves into a more grandiose, heavenly territory, befit with trance-like, precision synthesis. ‘What It Takes’ brings on board a more UK, post-dubstep sound, albeit one with more craft, and sonic mastership. ‘Your Touch’ toys once more with atmospheric rolling breaks and solemn vocal samples, while ‘Helles’, the closing track, is an excursion into more compelling, auditory realms.


Matt says: Yup, it's Dekmantel, so you know it's gonna bang! Neon Chambers is a new one on me, but under the reasuring guidance of the label, they have of course, tickled my feathers somewhat here. You should also check it out.


1. Apollo
2. Cascade
3. What It Takes
4. Your Touch
5. Helles

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